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About Pauline Milanovic, L.E.

A mother of two beautiful girls with a love of medicinal and nonmedicinal herbs...

After 10 years of managing in a high paced sales industry Pauline turned her attention to what she loves, natural health and helping people.  During this time she had her first little girl and at the same time was introduced to Victoria, the previous owner of Millbourne Electrolysis Clinic.  At this time Pauline was wanting to do something different, and meeting Victoria gave her just that.  After owning her own business for over 30 years, Victoria was ready to share her technique and her love for Electrolysis and to find the right person to continue her work.  That is when Pauline stepped in, and she began her new journey in September 2009.  Millbourne Electrolysis offers unique services in Edmonton which offer permanent results the first time.   In many cases, much quicker than any other forms of Electrolysis in the city.  Millbourne Electrolysis clinic was opened in 1981.  Pauline bought the business in 2009 and soon became Millbourne Electrolysis Centre, using the same specialized techniques. 

Pauline is a certified technician and a member of the Alberta Electrolysis Association. As well as the FCEA.

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